Working Paper DDTC – Sets the Standards and Beyond

Working Paper

DDTC`s Working Paper is a series of technical papers which deals with taxation problems in Indonesia and global. The papers contain advanced perspectives both for conceptual and analytic studies, supported by reliable source of information.

Working Paper - Prospek Pajak Warisan di Indonesia
Working Paper- Komparasi Objek Cukai secara Global dan Pelajaran bagi Indonesia
Working Paper - Sistem Pemajakan Worldwide ke Territorial
Working Paper - Measuring BEPS and Its Countermeasures in Indonesia: A Preliminary Research Guide
Working Paper - Insentif Pajak untuk Kegiatan Filantropi
Working Paper - Optimal Corporate Income Tax Policy for Large Developing Countries in an Integrated Economy
Working Paper - Tax Amnesty dan Faktor Penentu Keberhasilannya: Pelajaran dari Beberapa Otoritas Pajak
Working Paper - Tax Policy Options during Economic Downturn
Working Paper - Multinational Firms Losses and Profit Shifting Behavior in Indonesia: Some Comments
Working Paper - Tax Incentives: An Alternative to Revenue Enhancement
Working Paper - Fiscal Decentralization and Sub-national Taxes: Specific Case of Indonesia
Working Paper - Narrowing Tax Gap: Cross Countries Experience
Working Paper - Tax Expenditure atas Pajak Penghasilan: Rekomendasi bagi Indonesia
Working Paper - Rencana Aksi Base Erosion Profit Shifting dan Dampaknya terhadap Peraturan Pajak di Indonesia
Working Paper - Pesta Demokrasi Tanpa Kebijakan Pajak
Working Paper - Akses Data Perbankan Untuk Tujuan Perpajakan: Keseimbangan Antara Hak-Hak Wajib Pajak Dan Penggalian Potensi Pajak Studi Komparasi
Working Paper - Analysis of Political Budget Cycles in Emerging South East Asian Economies
Working Paper - Insentif Pajak Penghasilan atas Biaya Penelitian dan Pengembangan: Studi Perbandingan
Working Paper - The Myths and Realities of Tax Performance Under Semi-Autonomous Revenue Authorities
Working Paper - Asymmetric Information & Its Impact On Tax Compliance Cost In Indonesia